george clooney | swoon

i was walking to my table with wine, journal and pen in hand...  when amber eyes met mine -- oh double swoon -- what a man. meet george clooney, the  most charming of fellows, with soft silky hair and a cute come hither look.

george had taken his sitters out for happy hour and was enjoying a good flirt with whoever strolled by.  of course i had to stop for a cuddle.  what a sweet boy... and his human friends were as delightful as he.   we chatted a bit and then i made my 'nest' at the table next to them.  every once in a while george would stand and walk expectantly towards me, i giggled every time.

thank you george and co. for sharing an evening.  i hope to see you again soon.

*happy hour sniff out*

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major flirt.. look at those bedroom eyes.

zeus | birthday boy

i was visiting my friend in her beautiful shop, the lights of rome, having a lovely conversation about all things puppy when she got a big grin and said,   'by the way... have you met zeus?'  well, i hadn't and zeus's papa was visiting the shop as well, so we all tromped out of the store to meet this furry god, who apparently was having a bit of a nap in the truck. ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoooooodness!!   to what do my wondering eyes!?

as i peered in the truck,  i was greeted by a glorious wall of shimmering golden furr.   with his frame filling the entire front seat and spilling over a little round the edges, i was in deep love.   if it's sooper tiny or sooper large... oh how i swoon.  and for the love of all things cute, i needed to meet this boy immediately!

his papa sensing my desperation,  opened the door to let zeus come say hello.   ahhh... that's better... :) what a puddle of love.   i could have sat with him all day.

i was told zeus would be turning 12 this week and while he's certainly not a puppy, he didn't act or look 12.  he was bred as a pig hunting dog and is a mix of rottie, ridgeback, plott hound,  airdale aaand.. ummm...   even as a cute puppy.. he was just too big and was deemed unable to hunt.  he needed to find someone to love him just as he was.  seems he found the perfect human for the job.

zeus, you totally made my day!

may you dream of liver munchies and may all your dreams come true.

happy birthday big boy... giant sized hugs to you.

*sniff out*

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muffin | georis garden greeter

gooooood day my snifflings!  the daily sniff is on the road!!   after a week of sniffing the sage + sea scented air along the coast,   i landed a sweet comfy landing in carmel valley, ca.  be still my heart for the adorable pups i've met so far. for our first introductions allow me to present -- 'muffin' -- the cutest fluffy white bean with an adorable under-bite.    she and i locked eyes yesterday at happy hour as i loaded my napkin full of sausages.  her steely gaze and mega watt smile were hard to resist, and yeah.. i didn't.

she is the unofficial mascot of georis tasting rooms and gardens , and a failed foster pup.   failing being the best thing ever,  as she was too perfect and she was adopted by her foster mum.   :)

as the servers cleared the tables and i eeeked out the last bit of sun in the corner of the garden, muffin started her 'clean-up' and i wandered over to say goodbye.

-- thank you miss muffin!  see you soon. --

*sunny sniff out*

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los | a pup in wating

he was waiting for his mum to finish shopping when i saw him in all his hooded splendor.  oh for the love... seriously?   i'm weak. i stopped for a cuddle, took a few pictures and waited with him to see if his mum would come out before i left.  lucky for me she did!

i found out his name is los,  he is 11 yrs old, a rescue, probably a doxie chichi mix (ooo a chawinnie!),  his furr is bunny soft thanks to the fish oil his mum and dad give him, and he's had nine lives.

he's been run over by a car, been so chubby that he had severe back issues and.. oh shoot.. i can't remember now, but needless to say i think his ninth life is looking to be his best yet.

so happy to have met you little dude. motor on!

*hoodie sniff out*

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emmitt | itty bitty frenchie

walking home from my fav - 0 - place  (trader joe's) i met this little bundle of perfection.  his name is emmitt.  and guess what,  he's my neighbor!  yipee!!!  feeling pretty lucky right now.  :) emmitt is just 14 weeks old.   he LOVEs rocks, cuddles and humans. but what he really loves is  SHOWing you his rock.. that makes him wiggle out of control with happiness.

i kiss your snouts with love emmitt.  see you soon!

*sniff out*

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three boston 'bums'

so there is was.. engaged in shooting a headshot when i saw them.! as they came trotting down the hill towards us, it was like a scene out of a movie.. time slowed and a gangster sounding movie soundtrack played in the background. i begged forgiveness from my client and explained that i HAD to say hello. meet conner, maggie and murphy.. three of the most charming bostons i've ever encountered. as soon as i stooped down to say say hello, conner broke out in head to toe quivers begging to be pet,  murphy the stoic leader stood watch and maggie.. sweet little girl deaf girl, just wanted to continue her walk, please.

i love that mom had designed her own three rig harness for them, that they were covered in mud from a hearty romp.. and that i was in the right place at the right time.

thanks SO SO much for stopping. OH THOSE bumms!

*sniff out*

joy | huntington dog beach

'oh there you are peter!'  yes, i must apologize...i've neglected you my furry little blog.  but i'll make it up to you.. i swear.  how about a feast of sun and surf and a 1 year old golden? yes? oh good...

i spotted him and his cousin around sunset at huntington dog beach, i watched as he flung himself with absolute unbridled joy in and out of the surf.. over and over and over.

now i did have more info for you about him, but in all the fluffing about since i came home (christmas + new years + major clean out..) i've lost my doggie data book.  so photos for now, will have to do.

happy new year my friends!

*2012 sniff out*

my sniff monday | synnie's very good day

since last week his brother had the spotlight.. this monday it's all about the sinnifur.  mommie's little bow tie.. the grey one.. synnie winnie minnie.. sinifred..

his story starts in our building's recycling center.   we have a  sort of 'take one.. leave one' donation area that started this summer.  where we leave what we no longer want and take what goodies that we like.    i am not ashamed to say i've gotten some killer items this way.  but the latest find was synnie's favorite by far.  i wasn't sure if i wanted it, but i thought it might come in handy as prop for photoshoots so i took it back upstairs with me.

i dropped it on the floor and went into the kitchen for snacks.  when i  returned  synn was  standing in it looking uncomfy and perplexed. i think he sensed it's potential but  wasn't sure how to unleash it.   this continued for a good 10 min.

i tried to show him how to lay down, but that was wildly unsuccessful.   so i thought.. blankie!  yes a nice snuggy blankie will do the trick.  i fluffed up synn's fav snug and the put him back in the basket, gently 'showing' him how to lay down.  that did it...  the next 5 hrs would see synnie doing nothing more than enjoying the heck out of that basket.  he groomed, slept,  re-positioned, sharpened a claw, slept some more, curled up, groomed again and in general had the best day.

we would like to thank profusely the kind neighbor who gave synnie such a fab gift, but we don't put names on our giveaways, so i'll just have to do my best to pay it forward.

*sniff out*

my sniff monday | ollie gets his wings

truth be told, he's always had them, he is the most empathetic cat i've ever had. when i'm upset he binges (or well.. yeah.. barfs), when i get sick, he won't leave my side, when i dance around the apartment like a crazy person.. he chases me and dances right along.

he's 15 now and while still sooper healthy in most every way, he has IBD and once a day is in pretty severe pain.  it hurts me that i've tried almost everything and can't help him.  he's been there for me and i want to be there for him.

he is my angel... but, shhhh... don't tell him his wings are showing, he doesn't know

*sniff out*

p.s. 'my sniff monday' is a new weekly feature... a little peak at the sniffs i love the mostest... leave a note and let me know what you think.  :)

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duke | he had me at woof

meet duke.. the most charming of charming young fellows.  he was the pup of a fellow artist at a fundraiser we held in carmel valley a while back.  (yah... see, i'm just the most teensy bit behind in my blogging...) he was to be a show pup but things didn't work out and now he has ranch duties.  i'm thinking he got the better deal.

duke you totally swept me off my feet and if my luck holds out, i'll see you again soon. :)

p.s. not sure if you can tell from these shots how solid his front legs are.. but they are awesome solid little tree trunks.

*sniff out*