joey | please please please

If you follow me on fb you know i adore all things Trader Joes.  I love it so much in fact, that even on days when I don't need a darn thing, I'll pop over just to stroll thru the aisles. Outside my local TJ's in NW, we have a Street Roots Vendor that brings his grandson's pup with him on occasion. His name is Joey {the pup not the grandpa} and he's very bizzy.

He greets all the TJ's shoppers with a wag + is on constant patrol for snax.  It's exhausting work, but he has his grandpa's lap to sit in when he needs a break.

Joey is a silky terrier and has the cutest beggin' trick I've seen. If you tell him, 'Say please please please...' he stands up on his wee haunches and clasps his front paws together repeatedly. Oh yeah, you're getting whatever you want little man.

His g'pa is probably my favorite Street Roots Vendor here in Portland.  Yes, he has a smile for everyone, yes the pup is cute, but it's that extra bit of goodness he shares that keeps me coming back.

You see, on the top of each of the papers he sells, he writes a note.   I get so excited to see what I'm going to get. Today my message was:  'if my job is spreading smiles - you just made my job easier.  Thanks - David'  {+ a sketch of a cute colorful bunch of orange tulips.}

With that + a quick tromp around the Trader Joes .... I am officially having a great day.

*sniff out*