maizie | 'god loves a terrier'

....and so do i!   like ridiculously, LOVE them.  i love their spunk. sass. little button eyes. wiry coats. i love it all. so when i saw this scottish girl out for a walk the other day,  i immediately altered my route so i could meet her.

could  you not just die from the cuteness of her?  bitty legs + fluffy snout.  double sigh.

this is maizie. she's a bit shy.  loves walks. adores other pups. is 6 years old. and has the sweetest little bits of grey around her eyes.

thank you so much for letting me stop and say hello miss maizie.  happy sunny day to you!

*sniff out*

{p.s. need to see the namesake of this post from Best in Show?   yes ...... 'god does love a terrier' }