sheepdog roundup | little slobber, lotta love

so there i was having a lovely biz meeting at an outdoor cafe when my cohorts eyes got huge and she started to giggle.   i turned to see what she was looking at and gasped! 'oh my stars and garters...'   there before us was a flock of fluff... in the shape of  not just one old english sheep dog.. but 12!  of course i immediately excused myself and ran headlong into the throng.

i found out that this is an annual meeting for this group and that the people and pups come from as far as san francisco to catch up with friends and to promote the breed.  in fact most of the pups were related, with the mama sophia having had two litters and several of her kin were there.  i had even featured one of her babies, rigby, last year in a blog post.  what a  small, teeny, tiny world.

thanks for letting me stop and chat everyone!  totally made my day sparkly.

*sniff out*


rigby | light as a feather

eeeps.. it's spring and the puppies are poppin! I honestly don't know how puppy parents get anywhere. EVERYone wants to love on a puppy, me included. :)

Sorry to interrupt your walkies mum + dad, but thanks for letting me say hello.

Rigby is an Old English Sheepdog, aptly named after the Beatles tune Eleanor Rigby {just to keep it British said her mum}

I am always amazed at how very little body mass this breed has. I swear they could take flight if given the right wind conditions.

Rigby, I hope to see you again as you get bigger and fluffier!

*sniff out*