ananda | true love

'there they were just a walking down the street... singing gimme gimme gimme gimme that treat... '  well she may have been singing that i can't be sure.  ;)    or maybe that was me. anywayyyy, meet ananada.  part german shepherd part greyhound and the apple of her papa's eye.  even though, as he later told me, she has been a LOT of work, he's never given up on her.  in fact when i met them they were on a training walk, learning how to be good and kind to others on while on the leash.

i must say, they have done a brilliant job, ananda was one of the best behaved girls i've met.

that you for stopping to chat, you both are an inspiration and a reminder that they are 'forever dogs', not 'just until it gets too hard dogs'

*sniff out*

melvin & ruby | well loved

oh melvin.. so regal and aloof when the camera is on you and so snuggly and cuddly when it was not.  that is the way sometimes.  some pups truly loathe the camera.  and i was sans treats so melvin, with no reward for being a super model, could really not be bothered.  that said.  he is just the sweetest fluff with cameras turned off. then there is ruby, melvin's 'sister'.  a sweet part chow girl,  who once upon a time was tossed aside.   a family friend found her walking along the road in warm springs, very sick and weak.   11 years and a lot of love later, her life has been just grand.

thank you all for stopping to chat and for letting me love on the furr kids.  they are tremendous.

*sniff out*

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zeus | birthday boy

i was visiting my friend in her beautiful shop, the lights of rome, having a lovely conversation about all things puppy when she got a big grin and said,   'by the way... have you met zeus?'  well, i hadn't and zeus's papa was visiting the shop as well, so we all tromped out of the store to meet this furry god, who apparently was having a bit of a nap in the truck. ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoooooodness!!   to what do my wondering eyes!?

as i peered in the truck,  i was greeted by a glorious wall of shimmering golden furr.   with his frame filling the entire front seat and spilling over a little round the edges, i was in deep love.   if it's sooper tiny or sooper large... oh how i swoon.  and for the love of all things cute, i needed to meet this boy immediately!

his papa sensing my desperation,  opened the door to let zeus come say hello.   ahhh... that's better... :) what a puddle of love.   i could have sat with him all day.

i was told zeus would be turning 12 this week and while he's certainly not a puppy, he didn't act or look 12.  he was bred as a pig hunting dog and is a mix of rottie, ridgeback, plott hound,  airdale aaand.. ummm...   even as a cute puppy.. he was just too big and was deemed unable to hunt.  he needed to find someone to love him just as he was.  seems he found the perfect human for the job.

zeus, you totally made my day!

may you dream of liver munchies and may all your dreams come true.

happy birthday big boy... giant sized hugs to you.

*sniff out*

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muffin | georis garden greeter

gooooood day my snifflings!  the daily sniff is on the road!!   after a week of sniffing the sage + sea scented air along the coast,   i landed a sweet comfy landing in carmel valley, ca.  be still my heart for the adorable pups i've met so far. for our first introductions allow me to present -- 'muffin' -- the cutest fluffy white bean with an adorable under-bite.    she and i locked eyes yesterday at happy hour as i loaded my napkin full of sausages.  her steely gaze and mega watt smile were hard to resist, and yeah.. i didn't.

she is the unofficial mascot of georis tasting rooms and gardens , and a failed foster pup.   failing being the best thing ever,  as she was too perfect and she was adopted by her foster mum.   :)

as the servers cleared the tables and i eeeked out the last bit of sun in the corner of the garden, muffin started her 'clean-up' and i wandered over to say goodbye.

-- thank you miss muffin!  see you soon. --

*sunny sniff out*

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los | a pup in wating

he was waiting for his mum to finish shopping when i saw him in all his hooded splendor.  oh for the love... seriously?   i'm weak. i stopped for a cuddle, took a few pictures and waited with him to see if his mum would come out before i left.  lucky for me she did!

i found out his name is los,  he is 11 yrs old, a rescue, probably a doxie chichi mix (ooo a chawinnie!),  his furr is bunny soft thanks to the fish oil his mum and dad give him, and he's had nine lives.

he's been run over by a car, been so chubby that he had severe back issues and.. oh shoot.. i can't remember now, but needless to say i think his ninth life is looking to be his best yet.

so happy to have met you little dude. motor on!

*hoodie sniff out*

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coco | cute beach girl

'oh's cute' i'm pretty sure that's what slipped out my lips. then i stopped for a photo and a snuffle. this is coco, she is a poodle-shih tzu-? (ummm...sorry.. my mind is a blank on the last bit.. but it's something cute and fluffy...) she is two years old and loves loves loves her family.

she looks so scared in these photos... but it's just the camera she's a'feared of. when the camera was down she was all love and cuddles.

hope your day at the beach was rockin' coco!

*sniff out*

foxy | tweed ride trottin'

yesterday a last minute call to tweed was heard and i answered.  it was the annual Tweed Ride in Porland and with nothing planned for a Saturday mid afternoon...we headed down to see what we could see. sans bikes...but still a good time. {full blog post here.. lots o'tweed + vice} i expected a few more tweed flavored pups to be there...but foxy was the queen of this day.  she is a 3 year old chow mix and sweet like a button.  she was there with her mum and dad and ever so well behaved with so much going on.

she just cruised around keeping an eye out for mum and dad.  should either one of them move from where they were standing she was immediately by their side, checking in...making sure all was ok before she trotted off again in search of a stick to chew or a treat to nibble.

i can't wait to hear how the ride went!   keep in touch foxy and let us all know.

{more info on the tweed event .. here and full global schedule here.}

*sniff out*


seamus | ruler of the dogpark

happy st. patrick's day!! i've held off introducing you to seamus....cuz.. well.. his name is seamus! :) seamus is a scruff of a dog. with an adorable wiry coat, coal colored eyes and a sweet little licorice nose.

being a typical wee lad...seamus struts and fluffs about the park as if he owns it. all challengers to this fact are quickly and swiftly dealt with.

have a very happy st patrick's day seamus!! see you round the park.

*sniff out*

lola | coffee + boots

I was just popping over to the store for some eggs.. wasn't going to be gone long...wasn't walking far.. aaahh.. take my camera??  don't take my camera?? it's heavy... it will be annoying to carry with  groceries.. but I always regret it when i  don't.. argh...oh ok. well sweet nuggets of goodness, i'm glad i did!  look who i found! Lola!  Isn't she perfect in every way?  She and her mum were waiting in line at sterling coffee roasters in nw portland, yes.. we love our coffee here in portland..  i HAD to stop and say hello.

and for this... i was rewarded with 'tiny corn row love'.   If you have experienced that, you know how cute it is,  tiny little nibbles all around my wrists.  'Can i keep her??!!'  : )  yah..ummm no.  mum would have none of that.

Lola is just 2 years old...a mix of lab + unknown  {i thinking possibly shar pei? }  Her mum told me that she adopted her when she was just 8 wks old and looked like a tiny polar bear.. pure white with tiny coal black eyes.  yes,  i almost fainted.

As we parted ways, i  got a bit more Lola love and that was that.  My day was made.

Thanks lovely are a doll.

*sniff out*

summit | bestest smile award

Summit is glorious!  I just want that to be known.  She loves humans. Smiles brilliantly. REEELLY enjoys a treat. And will eat tiny snowballs if you offer them. I met miss S outside of Trilogy Video where her mama, carrying a load of dry cleaning,  was tying her up so that she could head inside.

As I couldn't bear to leave her...I was still hanging with Summit when mama got back. *sheepy grin* 'she's too cute to leave'. Mom told me that she is a golden mix, rescued from the Salem Humane Society at just 11 weeks old. She has two brothers that friends of the family adopted and they are just as awesome.

While we were chatting the tiny snowball snow got bigger and bigger... the cutest snow EVER! If you were in portland today you know. It wasn't was teeny tiny snowballs. Oh my love for a tiny thing! sigh...

Thanks Summit and mama for letting me spend some time. I Hope the day was fab with a side of delightfull

*sniff out*