joy | huntington dog beach

'oh there you are peter!'  yes, i must apologize...i've neglected you my furry little blog.  but i'll make it up to you.. i swear.  how about a feast of sun and surf and a 1 year old golden? yes? oh good...

i spotted him and his cousin around sunset at huntington dog beach, i watched as he flung himself with absolute unbridled joy in and out of the surf.. over and over and over.

now i did have more info for you about him, but in all the fluffing about since i came home (christmas + new years + major clean out..) i've lost my doggie data book.  so photos for now, will have to do.

happy new year my friends!

*2012 sniff out*

hakuna | white gold

A chubby puppy on a rainy day?  Yes please. :) This is Hakuna, just a smidge over 9 wks old and loves to hug.   She is a golden retriever...but of the color, 'white'.   Truly unique and so beautiful.

Our visit was brief but hakuna left us all {she had summoned quite the crowd} feeling all warm and squishy with puppy love.

- grow up happy + healthy little one -

*sniff out*

bella | lush cosmetics...wait .. wait.. wait..

This is bella.   She is 3yrs old, a humane society rescue and has very good manners.  I saw her waiting outside of Lush Cosmetics on nw 23rd as I walked for my morning coffee. We only chatted for a moment as they had a busy day ahead, but Bella you are fab.

Thanks so much for letting me fuss over her a bit... hope the day was sweet

*sniff out*