george clooney | swoon

i was walking to my table with wine, journal and pen in hand...  when amber eyes met mine -- oh double swoon -- what a man. meet george clooney, the  most charming of fellows, with soft silky hair and a cute come hither look.

george had taken his sitters out for happy hour and was enjoying a good flirt with whoever strolled by.  of course i had to stop for a cuddle.  what a sweet boy... and his human friends were as delightful as he.   we chatted a bit and then i made my 'nest' at the table next to them.  every once in a while george would stand and walk expectantly towards me, i giggled every time.

thank you george and co. for sharing an evening.  i hope to see you again soon.

*happy hour sniff out*

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major flirt.. look at those bedroom eyes.

kuma | all things slidey

this is kuma and yes..kuma likes to slide. a boy after my own heart... sigh. his mum said that in the snow he actually plops on his backside..picks up all four paws and slides away. CUTE!

he is also a boy that loves a treat.  once he found out that i had a pocket full, he was my true companion {isn't that a song?} anyway,  i may or may not have given him way too many. but they were tiny treats and look at those eyes. it could not be helped.

kuma means bear and i think it's entirely fitting..but more teddy than wild.

hugs kuma!!

*sniff out*


seamus | ruler of the dogpark

happy st. patrick's day!! i've held off introducing you to seamus....cuz.. well.. his name is seamus! :) seamus is a scruff of a dog. with an adorable wiry coat, coal colored eyes and a sweet little licorice nose.

being a typical wee lad...seamus struts and fluffs about the park as if he owns it. all challengers to this fact are quickly and swiftly dealt with.

have a very happy st patrick's day seamus!! see you round the park.

*sniff out*