ananda | true love

'there they were just a walking down the street... singing gimme gimme gimme gimme that treat... '  well she may have been singing that i can't be sure.  ;)    or maybe that was me. anywayyyy, meet ananada.  part german shepherd part greyhound and the apple of her papa's eye.  even though, as he later told me, she has been a LOT of work, he's never given up on her.  in fact when i met them they were on a training walk, learning how to be good and kind to others on while on the leash.

i must say, they have done a brilliant job, ananda was one of the best behaved girls i've met.

that you for stopping to chat, you both are an inspiration and a reminder that they are 'forever dogs', not 'just until it gets too hard dogs'

*sniff out*