melvin & ruby | well loved

oh melvin.. so regal and aloof when the camera is on you and so snuggly and cuddly when it was not.  that is the way sometimes.  some pups truly loathe the camera.  and i was sans treats so melvin, with no reward for being a super model, could really not be bothered.  that said.  he is just the sweetest fluff with cameras turned off. then there is ruby, melvin's 'sister'.  a sweet part chow girl,  who once upon a time was tossed aside.   a family friend found her walking along the road in warm springs, very sick and weak.   11 years and a lot of love later, her life has been just grand.

thank you all for stopping to chat and for letting me love on the furr kids.  they are tremendous.

*sniff out*

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