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it was my second day in carmel, and i was taking a tour of the barnyard (a shopping center that i spent a LOT of time at as a child) when i ran headlong into a pup and their owner coming around a narrow corner. 'oh excuse me' ... and i stepped to the side to let them pass... and their friend.. and... umm, their friend.. and their friend... and, my word that's a heap of dogs!  then i heard,

'you might be here awhile.. there are a LOT of us.'

'oh really?' i grinned.  'that is so not a problem,  but i have to ask, what are you all doing?'

'dog walking club!!' was the shout out from behind me.

well, if i had any doubts that carmel was where i needed to be right now, this blew those doubts out of the water.  aaand you can probably guess where i was the following tuesday.  it was  like christmas morning as i waited for them all to arrive.

first on the scene was cameron.   An adorable, sweetie pie westie who is battling some horrible allergies, poor bub.  (post on cameron to follow soon :) )

then one by one, they all the others  started to arrive... eeeeeEEeee.. giddy!

now i know i'm going to forget a few names,  but i want you all to know that you are just the nicest bunch of people + pups  around.  i had a blast walking and talking with you.  thank you soo much for letting me tag along and take a few photos of your besties.

and to nancy, the manager at pet food express,  'you rock!'  thanks for being awesome.

*sniff out*

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