zeus | birthday boy

i was visiting my friend in her beautiful shop, the lights of rome, having a lovely conversation about all things puppy when she got a big grin and said,   'by the way... have you met zeus?'  well, i hadn't and zeus's papa was visiting the shop as well, so we all tromped out of the store to meet this furry god, who apparently was having a bit of a nap in the truck. ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoooooodness!!   to what do my wondering eyes!?

as i peered in the truck,  i was greeted by a glorious wall of shimmering golden furr.   with his frame filling the entire front seat and spilling over a little round the edges, i was in deep love.   if it's sooper tiny or sooper large... oh how i swoon.  and for the love of all things cute, i needed to meet this boy immediately!

his papa sensing my desperation,  opened the door to let zeus come say hello.   ahhh... that's better... :) what a puddle of love.   i could have sat with him all day.

i was told zeus would be turning 12 this week and while he's certainly not a puppy, he didn't act or look 12.  he was bred as a pig hunting dog and is a mix of rottie, ridgeback, plott hound,  airdale aaand.. ummm...   even as a cute puppy.. he was just too big and was deemed unable to hunt.  he needed to find someone to love him just as he was.  seems he found the perfect human for the job.

zeus, you totally made my day!

may you dream of liver munchies and may all your dreams come true.

happy birthday big boy... giant sized hugs to you.

*sniff out*

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