muffin | georis garden greeter

gooooood day my snifflings!  the daily sniff is on the road!!   after a week of sniffing the sage + sea scented air along the coast,   i landed a sweet comfy landing in carmel valley, ca.  be still my heart for the adorable pups i've met so far. for our first introductions allow me to present -- 'muffin' -- the cutest fluffy white bean with an adorable under-bite.    she and i locked eyes yesterday at happy hour as i loaded my napkin full of sausages.  her steely gaze and mega watt smile were hard to resist, and yeah.. i didn't.

she is the unofficial mascot of georis tasting rooms and gardens , and a failed foster pup.   failing being the best thing ever,  as she was too perfect and she was adopted by her foster mum.   :)

as the servers cleared the tables and i eeeked out the last bit of sun in the corner of the garden, muffin started her 'clean-up' and i wandered over to say goodbye.

-- thank you miss muffin!  see you soon. --

*sunny sniff out*

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