los | a pup in wating

he was waiting for his mum to finish shopping when i saw him in all his hooded splendor.  oh for the love... seriously?   i'm weak. i stopped for a cuddle, took a few pictures and waited with him to see if his mum would come out before i left.  lucky for me she did!

i found out his name is los,  he is 11 yrs old, a rescue, probably a doxie chichi mix (ooo a chawinnie!),  his furr is bunny soft thanks to the fish oil his mum and dad give him, and he's had nine lives.

he's been run over by a car, been so chubby that he had severe back issues and.. oh shoot.. i can't remember now, but needless to say i think his ninth life is looking to be his best yet.

so happy to have met you little dude. motor on!

*hoodie sniff out*

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