my sniff monday | synnie's very good day

since last week his brother had the spotlight.. this monday it's all about the sinnifur.  mommie's little bow tie.. the grey one.. synnie winnie minnie.. sinifred..

his story starts in our building's recycling center.   we have a  sort of 'take one.. leave one' donation area that started this summer.  where we leave what we no longer want and take what goodies that we like.    i am not ashamed to say i've gotten some killer items this way.  but the latest find was synnie's favorite by far.  i wasn't sure if i wanted it, but i thought it might come in handy as prop for photoshoots so i took it back upstairs with me.

i dropped it on the floor and went into the kitchen for snacks.  when i  returned  synn was  standing in it looking uncomfy and perplexed. i think he sensed it's potential but  wasn't sure how to unleash it.   this continued for a good 10 min.

i tried to show him how to lay down, but that was wildly unsuccessful.   so i thought.. blankie!  yes a nice snuggy blankie will do the trick.  i fluffed up synn's fav snug and the put him back in the basket, gently 'showing' him how to lay down.  that did it...  the next 5 hrs would see synnie doing nothing more than enjoying the heck out of that basket.  he groomed, slept,  re-positioned, sharpened a claw, slept some more, curled up, groomed again and in general had the best day.

we would like to thank profusely the kind neighbor who gave synnie such a fab gift, but we don't put names on our giveaways, so i'll just have to do my best to pay it forward.

*sniff out*