my sniff monday | ollie gets his wings

truth be told, he's always had them, he is the most empathetic cat i've ever had. when i'm upset he binges (or well.. yeah.. barfs), when i get sick, he won't leave my side, when i dance around the apartment like a crazy person.. he chases me and dances right along.

he's 15 now and while still sooper healthy in most every way, he has IBD and once a day is in pretty severe pain.  it hurts me that i've tried almost everything and can't help him.  he's been there for me and i want to be there for him.

he is my angel... but, shhhh... don't tell him his wings are showing, he doesn't know

*sniff out*

p.s. 'my sniff monday' is a new weekly feature... a little peak at the sniffs i love the mostest... leave a note and let me know what you think.  :)

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