jewel + bro | beach bouviers

'well hello amazing-ness.. nice to meet you' i was walking back to my car from the beach when a flurry of teal and curly furr caught my eye. oh no.. must divert.. dinner date in 10 min? .. ahhhggg.. can't.. must say hello.

so i did.

jewel and her younger brother (name name name?!) had just come from a swim in the pacific and were totally enjoying rompish toweling off.

'do you get requests for photos often?" i asked.

'ALL the time... in fact you should have seen our other boy.. we had a guy chase us in his car for miles just to get a photo', said a very proud papa.

'well i can well see it.. they are glorious.'

we chatted a few minutes more, took more photos and then said our goodbyes.

-jewel and baby bro i hope to see you again one day...until then.. keep swimming-

*sandy sniff out*

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