leeva | san francisco traveler

i noticed the waggy nub of a tail first....it swayed gently to and fro as the crowds walked past. then i saw her sweet grey muzzle and soul-filled eyes. oh yes, must stop to cuddle. after a good batch of "ooo.. who-eees the cutest..bestest girl... *scritch*sritch*" i gave her the doggy biscuit she found in my pocket and asked if she wouldn't mind a few photos. i'm not sure she really said yes, but she was gracious.

her parents were in having a sweet snack at ken's artisan bakery, so i didn't get to meet them or find out more about her, but her tag named her as leeva and the phone number as a local resident of the Bay Area.

welcome to portland leeva.. i hope you enjoy your stay. we are glad to have you!

*sniff out*

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