wet + waiting

  hello my lovelies. i can sincerely say i've missed you and my daily sniffing!!  funny how life can come along and have other plans for you. a car accident that i thought would be a 'pfffttt... i'm fine' turned into more of a 'holy frick i can't hold my head up!?'

but healing is happening and along with other insights, i have a new found love and appreciation for  the human neck..bravo little neck braaavo!  you do a mighty job. (and god bless all my healing fairies at asula wellness center love  you mucho!)

there weren't too many furries out today but i did meet one little wet one waiting patiently for her people outside papersource ... she was cute as a button and VERY focused.

'tis all for today...but with a hearty roawwwr.. i say more more more.. {tomorrow :) }

*sniff out*