sissy sue | ball lover and all around good girl

I heard a report that a sunny day at the beach was about to go down. Knowing that it may or may not be sunny here in portland... knowing that if I didn't see the sun soon surely I would die, I took the day off and headed out. When I got there, the first order of business was a nap. Snugged up in my car out of the wind, with the sun beating in my windows I had one highly delicious, drool worthy nap.

Next...a walk to find a beverage, in which... I found Sissy Sue. She was being ultra good while her parents munched down some treats at the Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters. We chatted, she leaned {oh how I love a dobie lean} and I went about my day.

On the beach I tromped around for an hour or more, met Jean Claude the polar bear, his sister Emmy ... look for that post tomorrow :) .... and numbed my feet into flippers.

As I made my way back up the dunes I saw Sissy Sue galloping into the waves and stopped to chat. I found out from her mum that playing fetch on the beach is her favorite, she is extremely well trained and enjoys the finer things in life like wine and naps. Not to worry, she doesn't get a glass of her own, just gently licks and left over traces out of mums glass when she's done.

Sissy Sue you are a delight...I hope to see you again!

*sniff out*