sniffs that need YOU | portland pet adoption

'i must be brave' i tell myself..... 'must be strong'. but walking away from all of these babies is one of the hardest things ever. i fell head over heels for every kitten, and each pup. REEEEELY want to take them all home. but prudence prevailed, and besides, i wouldn't want to deprive you of your new found love! most of the kitties you see had just arrived at Dogstar, and as you might imagine, were a little scared...but after sitting with them for only 5 min, each one of them came out of their shell.. and turned into the biggest puddles of love. like ridiculously sweet.

and the pups?? oh me oh my oh... yeah. that was hard. i kinda love kiki and spencer, a LOT!  sigh...

please please..if any of these babies tug at your heart strings or if you know anyone looking to add to their family joy... call the amazing folks at Dogstar and they will answer any questions you have.

*adoption sniff out*

oh for the love.. so handsome this wee one.