foxy | tweed ride trottin'

yesterday a last minute call to tweed was heard and i answered.  it was the annual Tweed Ride in Porland and with nothing planned for a Saturday mid afternoon...we headed down to see what we could see. sans bikes...but still a good time. {full blog post here.. lots o'tweed + vice} i expected a few more tweed flavored pups to be there...but foxy was the queen of this day.  she is a 3 year old chow mix and sweet like a button.  she was there with her mum and dad and ever so well behaved with so much going on.

she just cruised around keeping an eye out for mum and dad.  should either one of them move from where they were standing she was immediately by their side, checking in...making sure all was ok before she trotted off again in search of a stick to chew or a treat to nibble.

i can't wait to hear how the ride went!   keep in touch foxy and let us all know.

{more info on the tweed event .. here and full global schedule here.}

*sniff out*