my sniffs | sneeze in a box

as i sit watching another day of rain rinse portland clean... i must admit to not venturing out much the past few days. so my own furry sniffs of love get a chance for stardom.  are they worthy?  oh yes.  cute beyond cute and perfect in every i tell them daily.  so perfect in fact that sometimes i am blinded by the glow of their teeny tiny halos. {i of course tell them this too}

you may remember oliver from the cupcake caper...and now meet his brother 'synnie'...aka sinifred..sinifur..the grey one...synnie winnie minnie bow tie pasta... mommies little bow tie...ahem.. sorry.

i have had these nuggets since they were 6 weeks old and they are now striding into middle age...14!  gasthp!!  and yes..they are brothers from the same litter.


they love a box.   This is what i came home to the other day.