ask him | cocker spaniel

i was walking past cloud seven cafe, when a bouncy ball of beige caught my eye. 'twas a very full of life young cocker clearly exuberant at being allowed some un-sensored play time.  of course i had to say hello. : ) his mum was engaged in conversation when i approached so beige ball and i took to introducing ourselves.  he was wiggly and friendly and was quickly off to explore something in the bushes.

when his mum finished up her conversation we chatted a bit and i was able to ask what beige ball's real name was.  she replied, 'ask him!'

i stared at her blankly. Ask him??? are you serious? ask the dog?? i thought this to myself of course.. as she had said it will all seriousness.

she said it again, 'go on, ask him!' i'm kinda curious. what would beige ball do? scratch his name  in the sand?  bark once for the letter 'A', twice for 'B' and so on?  i am about to form the words...'hey pup, what's your name? when she says, ''s an old family name, Ask 'em...spelled A..s..k..u..m...Askum!'

oh dear lord!!!  you are kidding me?! can i just tell you how relieved i am that i did NOT ask this dog his name!!???

'oh Askum...that is a lovely fabulous and unusual',  I say.  All the while sending up giant silent prayers of gratitude for saving me from making a royal num-num out of myself.. At least for now.

embarrassment avoided, I give askum a few snacks, patted his adorable head and wished them both a sweet day.

thanks doggie gods, total num-num-hood avoided for another day.

*sniff out*