lola | coffee + boots

I was just popping over to the store for some eggs.. wasn't going to be gone long...wasn't walking far.. aaahh.. take my camera??  don't take my camera?? it's heavy... it will be annoying to carry with  groceries.. but I always regret it when i  don't.. argh...oh ok. well sweet nuggets of goodness, i'm glad i did!  look who i found! Lola!  Isn't she perfect in every way?  She and her mum were waiting in line at sterling coffee roasters in nw portland, yes.. we love our coffee here in portland..  i HAD to stop and say hello.

and for this... i was rewarded with 'tiny corn row love'.   If you have experienced that, you know how cute it is,  tiny little nibbles all around my wrists.  'Can i keep her??!!'  : )  yah..ummm no.  mum would have none of that.

Lola is just 2 years old...a mix of lab + unknown  {i thinking possibly shar pei? }  Her mum told me that she adopted her when she was just 8 wks old and looked like a tiny polar bear.. pure white with tiny coal black eyes.  yes,  i almost fainted.

As we parted ways, i  got a bit more Lola love and that was that.  My day was made.

Thanks lovely are a doll.

*sniff out*