a sniff of my own | oliver and the muffin

I really did want to go outside yesterday...i liked the idea of getting out of the house  and away from the computer... but it's portland in feb and the idea was way better than the actual doing. So today....please meet one of my own furry loves.... Oliver.

He's not quite a cat.. more of a wee man in a furr suit.   He loves to open cupboards just to look inside.  likes to eat and drink using his toes. and lord help me...he LOVES a chocolate cupcake.  and herein lies our story.  The story of a cupcake left un-attended and a mama who found it too cute to say no..{at first} and instead grabbed her camera. {the role of choco cupcake was provided by saint cupcake}

and this is how it played out.

and oliver changed his approach.

he only got a crumb.. but now is when I started to say...'um, excuse me sir...no cupcakes for you'

*oliver + sniff...out*