hello? | random sniffs

I was heading out the coffee shop when I burst into giggles and dug for my camera.  Peeking at me thru the glass .... a pair of eyes... sweet expressive eyes.  Oh goodness, how could I just walk past and not snuggle?  Answer?  I couldn't.  I have very little will power when it comes to cute. I do not know a name an age a profile. I do not know one bit about this sweetie...but we had a moment, some fun and a good little chat. Details in such cases are irrelevant.

Thanks my random fluffy friend...I do hope I see you again.

{psssst.... the first two daily sniff fans that can tell me the name of the coffee shop in these images... bonus day for you!  $5.00 gift cert to said coffee shop coming at ya!}

*sniff out*