delilah | teeniest of teenies

I was almost home yesterday when this little spot of color ran across my path.  Wait...Nope not just a bit of fluff.. a wee dog in an adorable knitted sweater. This is Delilah, a 15 month old chihuahua.  I tired to lure her over with treats but, she was totally into exploring the 'pee wall' that we were standing next to.   I understand...a girls gotta have her priorities.  : ) And if you are a dog.. marking that spot?  oh yeah.. WAY important.

As I chatted with mum, I found out that Delilah was kind of an oops baby.  You see, the owners of Delilah's birth mother were unaware that she wasn't 'fixed' and well....when a cute boy showed thing led to another.

Thanks you two for sharing a cold and blustery chat...see you round the hood!

*sniff out*