summit | bestest smile award

Summit is glorious!  I just want that to be known.  She loves humans. Smiles brilliantly. REEELLY enjoys a treat. And will eat tiny snowballs if you offer them. I met miss S outside of Trilogy Video where her mama, carrying a load of dry cleaning,  was tying her up so that she could head inside.

As I couldn't bear to leave her...I was still hanging with Summit when mama got back. *sheepy grin* 'she's too cute to leave'. Mom told me that she is a golden mix, rescued from the Salem Humane Society at just 11 weeks old. She has two brothers that friends of the family adopted and they are just as awesome.

While we were chatting the tiny snowball snow got bigger and bigger... the cutest snow EVER! If you were in portland today you know. It wasn't was teeny tiny snowballs. Oh my love for a tiny thing! sigh...

Thanks Summit and mama for letting me spend some time. I Hope the day was fab with a side of delightfull

*sniff out*