abigail | two coats and a scarf

*clomp* clomp *clomp* I was sure they could hear me. But is it weird to call out for someone you don't know? maybe. I continued with mini sprints and more fast clomping in order to catch up with them.

Man walking furr beast using cute stripy scarf as a leash ...ooof...must meet.

But the closer I got to 'casually' bumping into them the more zig zaggy their walk became. As we both rounded the corner onto NW Kearney, I on one side of the street,  they on the other, they made their move.....over to my side. YEY!!

Happy day in getting to meet Abigail, in her two snuggly sweaters. And kuddos to papa for giving up his scarf on a very cold day to make sure Abby got her walkies.

Thanks for letting me ply miss Abigail with treats! See you round the hood.

*sniff out*