charlie + jack | first 'born'

I walked past them once and mama...two children + two dog obviously older with his little tongue hanging out {a sure sign of missing teeth}. but I kept walking. Then as i turned back for home to retrieve another battery, I saw them again... Ok, I needed to know these little furr men. Meet Charlie, little man with tongue out, and Jack, salt and pepper soul. They had no interest in my offerings of Zuke's salmon treats, but were curious about who this crazy stranger was with a big black box on her face.

We chatted a bit, mama and I... I found out that the 'boys' were her first babies and I could tell by how lovingly she spoke of them, they were snuggled deep in her heart. Her oldest boy child waited patiently with his treats from Ken's artisan bakery as I cooed over the furries.

Thanks for stopping and letting me love on them. they are special boys and lucky to have such a sweet mama. I hope you had a delightful day.

*sniff out*