'first day of school.. first day of school...'

ok, maybe not actually the first day of school, but i'm pretty much feeling like 'nemo' right now.  i'm  ridiculously excited to be un-leashing (sorry...pun intended) my latest project ...The Daily Sniff!

what is it?? my baby! a blog dedicated to the adorable furrs that i see when i'm out and about... (**update** since this began i've been asked a lot..but, nope can't be scheduled..totally random...think along the lines of Urban Weeds or the sartorialist but for furries!)

i want to meet your furr babies, snuffle some snouts with love, and cuddle a chubby jowl or three.   i want to share the joy and beauty of your pet with a photo + blurb  posted here for all to admire.

now in all fairness and honesty, i  have to say i am a bit selfish in this....i have been looking for a way to get my buns moving.... get out of the house...walk...explore...and meet new friends.    You all are my new motivation.  Thanks!!  You're the best!! : )

so if you see me out and about, camera in one hand tasty beverage in the other,  come right on over ... say hello, how do you do and good day.    I can't wait to meet you!

*EeeeEEEeee*  it's launched!  tiny happy dance right here.