sheepdog roundup | little slobber, lotta love

so there i was having a lovely biz meeting at an outdoor cafe when my cohorts eyes got huge and she started to giggle.   i turned to see what she was looking at and gasped! 'oh my stars and garters...'   there before us was a flock of fluff... in the shape of  not just one old english sheep dog.. but 12!  of course i immediately excused myself and ran headlong into the throng.

i found out that this is an annual meeting for this group and that the people and pups come from as far as san francisco to catch up with friends and to promote the breed.  in fact most of the pups were related, with the mama sophia having had two litters and several of her kin were there.  i had even featured one of her babies, rigby, last year in a blog post.  what a  small, teeny, tiny world.

thanks for letting me stop and chat everyone!  totally made my day sparkly.

*sniff out*


kitty | fella with the bling

a few weeks back i was walking to my car when i saw a sweet furr man  peeking thru a front porch window. 'oh good morning little one.... how are you?'

... sniff sniff... thru the crack of the door was his response.

then i watched as  he carefully peeeeeled himself thru the opening and stepped onto the front stoop to survey his dominion.   after he deemed all was well, he trotted down the steps to greet me.

he had the softest furr and did the best 'biscuit' march.   he was obviously well loved as he had a sweet tag with his name etched into it -- 'fella' and oh yeah..  bling!

thanks for hanging out fella you totally made my day!

*sniff out*

delta | great great dane

while touring my 'home town' last week, i accidentally tumbled into the farmers market... ooopsy  how ever did that happen?  ;)   as i was gathering my nuts and berries,  i looked up to see the most gorgeous girl on the corner.   now i'm pretty much a big sucker for a dane, so i made a quick turn and pivot and went to say hello. this is delta, she is just 2 years old, gives the best high fives and is lovingly referred to at home as 'sofa pony' :)  i have a feeling a lot of danes might resemble that remark.

i gathered about 10 high fives, some slobber and some love and then went on my merry way.. happier for having met her.

have a great life delta... you are fantastic!

*sniff out*

jewel | dog adoption spca monterey county

some one stop me before i adopt! if you are looking for the most perfect furr girl on the planet, look no further... here she is!  jewel.

she is a 6 month old terrier mix and her main goal in life seems to be to love and snuggle.   i can't begin to tell you how hard it was to not take her home.  she's the perfect size, sweet tempered, loves kids and other dogs and has furr soft like a bunny.

but for now, i must resist.  so if you have room in your heart and home,  this girl  might be the family member you've been waiting for.

please give the spca of monterey county a call -- 831.373.2631 -- jewel's id number is 49102...

kisses jewel!  i adore you.

*adoption sniff out*

pablo | dog adoption spca monterey county

meet your new bff!  his name is pablo and he is truly awesome.  he is a graduate of the 'take the lead - dog training program' and feeling really fine since they removed that pesky owie eyeball. if you haven't heard about take the lead, it is a fantastic program that  pairs at risk teenagers with shelter dogs to give them both an opportunity to excel in achievements and relationships.  the dogs are trained with positive reinforcement and the teens not only feel the joy and pride of accomplishment... but they also feel the unconditional love that dogs give and enjoy a special relationship and bond with the dog.  in many cases can be a new start for both of them.

some teens even write adoption letters to the new perspective owners -- yep i cried when i watched the video -- give it a gander, it will warm the cockles of your heart

now about pablo....  he was found as a stray in marina ca,  in need of medical attention for a very infected eye and some groceries.   he is 2 years old and believed to be a cattle dog/terrier mix.  he  has a plethora of badges (tasks that he has learned in the take the lead program) and is a very happy wee fellow.   he even rocked it out showing me his mad skills on the dog agility course!  gooo pablo goo!!

if you are interested in pablo please give the amazing staff at the SPCA for Monterey County a ring -- 831.264.5422 -- they would love to hear from you.  and if you can't adopt,  donations are always happily accepted.  thank you so much for all that you do!

*adoption sniff out*

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charlie | went walking

went walking. met a pup. he was cute. that is all. ha! sorry.... but this is a shorty short for you.

please meet charlie, he was being walked by his owners roommate and a little unsure of me and my big camera. but like all cavaliers i know, he was a sweet little bundle of love and after a snuffle and a snuggle did not want to leave to finish his walk.

thanks for stopping charlie! kisses.

*sniff out*

ananda | true love

'there they were just a walking down the street... singing gimme gimme gimme gimme that treat... '  well she may have been singing that i can't be sure.  ;)    or maybe that was me. anywayyyy, meet ananada.  part german shepherd part greyhound and the apple of her papa's eye.  even though, as he later told me, she has been a LOT of work, he's never given up on her.  in fact when i met them they were on a training walk, learning how to be good and kind to others on while on the leash.

i must say, they have done a brilliant job, ananda was one of the best behaved girls i've met.

that you for stopping to chat, you both are an inspiration and a reminder that they are 'forever dogs', not 'just until it gets too hard dogs'

*sniff out*

melvin & ruby | well loved

oh melvin.. so regal and aloof when the camera is on you and so snuggly and cuddly when it was not.  that is the way sometimes.  some pups truly loathe the camera.  and i was sans treats so melvin, with no reward for being a super model, could really not be bothered.  that said.  he is just the sweetest fluff with cameras turned off. then there is ruby, melvin's 'sister'.  a sweet part chow girl,  who once upon a time was tossed aside.   a family friend found her walking along the road in warm springs, very sick and weak.   11 years and a lot of love later, her life has been just grand.

thank you all for stopping to chat and for letting me love on the furr kids.  they are tremendous.

*sniff out*

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walkies | tuesdays with dogs

it was my second day in carmel, and i was taking a tour of the barnyard (a shopping center that i spent a LOT of time at as a child) when i ran headlong into a pup and their owner coming around a narrow corner. 'oh excuse me' ... and i stepped to the side to let them pass... and their friend.. and... umm, their friend.. and their friend... and, my word that's a heap of dogs!  then i heard,

'you might be here awhile.. there are a LOT of us.'

'oh really?' i grinned.  'that is so not a problem,  but i have to ask, what are you all doing?'

'dog walking club!!' was the shout out from behind me.

well, if i had any doubts that carmel was where i needed to be right now, this blew those doubts out of the water.  aaand you can probably guess where i was the following tuesday.  it was  like christmas morning as i waited for them all to arrive.

first on the scene was cameron.   An adorable, sweetie pie westie who is battling some horrible allergies, poor bub.  (post on cameron to follow soon :) )

then one by one, they all the others  started to arrive... eeeeeEEeee.. giddy!

now i know i'm going to forget a few names,  but i want you all to know that you are just the nicest bunch of people + pups  around.  i had a blast walking and talking with you.  thank you soo much for letting me tag along and take a few photos of your besties.

and to nancy, the manager at pet food express,  'you rock!'  thanks for being awesome.

*sniff out*

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